Securing the SMB One Tool at a Time: MFA

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For an easy-to-implement tool that goes a long way in providing cybersecurity, consider multi-factor authentication to mitigate risk and improve cyber resilience.

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One tool to help secure your data

You may not know the name but if you log into a bank account or other similar site on the web, you’re probably using it already. Multi-Factor Authentication, also known as MFA, 2FA, or encompassing authentication, requires two or more pieces of evidence that you are who you say you are before gaining access to electronic data. One such example is your username and password then a code sent to you via text message. With the internet now the Wild Wild West for the growing number of cybercriminals, multi-factor authentication for small business solutions is a must-have capability. According to Microsoft, multi-factor authentication can prevent almost all attacks on your accounts, making it one of the easiest cybersecurity tools to implement that can also go the furthest in its level of provided protection. 


How Multi-Factor Authentication For Small Business Works

Whether you are a small to medium-sized enterprise or the largest corporation in the world, multi-factor authentication works the same and provides identical benefits to all. Its basic strategy is to require more verification than a simple password alone, as that one authentication step can be easily compromised. Smaller organizations are often targeted by cybercriminals using numerous methods to obtain passwords, as small to medium-sized businesses often allow their employees to use their own devices because of the cost-effectiveness in doing so. Those devices are likely to be used outside of your network and are then used as an entry point for accessing sensitive information inside of it.


There are added layers of protection with multi-factor authentication for small business networks, where on top of conventional passwords, PINs, OTPs (One-Time-Passcodes), biometrics, and other steps may be required to gain access. These identification factors should also be independent of one another – different answers across different devices and egress points – and are often made more secure through geolocation and device signatures.

Benefits of Adoption

Unfortunately, you just can’t trust everyone in your company to construct a strong password. You might not have one, yourself. Adding multi-factor authentication for small business solutions has some far-reaching benefits to eliminate the reality of human error.


  • Extra Security – There are several methods cybercriminals use to get into your systems, but multi-factor authentication makes it so that a password alone is insufficient. Plus, MFA will alert you to “denied” login attempts for extra security. 


  • Convenience and Cost-Effectiveness – With multi-factor authentication for small business solutions from ITT, you’ll find MFA simple to implement and a security measure that gives you an outstanding return on your investment. 

One Simple And Effective Solution

Multi-factor authentication for small businesses offers an added measure of security to your systems that is effective and easy to implement. Restricting access to users that can show two or more pieces of evidence will mitigate many risks of today’s most active attacks by cybercriminals. 

Partnering with a Managed Service and Security Provider (MSSP) like iIT can give you an all-in-one solution making multi-factor authentication for small business systems but one part of its broader risk management and mitigation support.

Peter Frasco is the owner and CEO of Intelligent Integration Technologies and CMMC Registered Practitioner with over 30 years of experience in Information Technology and Cybersecurity including work for the US Army as a Chief Warrant Officer, Silicon Valley Startups, and BlackBerry during their pivot to a cybersecurity powerhouse.

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